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Waterford Square Condominium
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Reston's Waterford Square Condominium consists of 48 units built in the 1981-1982 timeframe.  Individual condo units are typically quite large ... with eight units located on each floor the average unit offers over 2,000 sq feet of living space .  The Building itself appears to be a huge square with hallways running from corner to corner (like an X). Looking at the front picture, units 1 & 2 split the front right corner, 3 & 4 the left front corner. Similarly, 2 units share the bulk of each of the building's four sides.

The building layout for Waterford Square is quite unusual, there are 8 units per floor each is clustered around a corner of the building.  The interior hallways are shaped like the letter X ... Here's a link to a large view of the overall floor plan ... Floor Plan

There are a number of units currently offered for resale.  If you have an interest, click my 'Buyer's Agent' link at the bottom of this page I'll be happy to let you know what units are available and help you through the process.

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